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Ana C.

After one month of taking Hempworx cbd oil, I have to say it has made a huge difference. I suffer from severe migraine attacks as well as chronic anxiety, and nervous stomach. Well, first of all, I sleep very peacefully, which is having a very positive impact in all I do, both at work and at home with my family. I feel rested, at peace and overall happier. I have not had migraine attacks since, which is huge! Those are scary and I was considering starting a medical treatment for it. No need anymore! Even my workouts feel better! No body aches or anything. I feel younger, more energized.  And without taking any prescription drugs! So awesome!  I am so grateful Sherri introduced me to the product! Convenient, natural, wonderful supplement for my mental and physical health.  

Theresa R.

Lately, I have been suffering from PF in my feet.  I had tried numerous things to help alleviate the pain, but nothing seemed to work.  I started taking Hempworx cbd oil and it was helping some with the pain.  I then ordered some Relief cream and rubbed it on my feet, along with taking the oils as well.  I no longer have the pain that I had learned to just live with.  I love these products and simply cannot do without them.  Don't know what I would do if I had to stop ordering them!  And I love that they are all natural, with no bad ingredients.

Rhiannon D.

I just want you all to know how Hempworx cbd oil has helped our beloved family dog, Coco.  He just had his 9th birthday last August and was starting to have problems jumping up on the couch and into the vehicle (he LOVES to ride in the vehicle and looks very sad when he has to stay home).  We started giving him cbd oil, 4 drops in his morning food, and giving him 1-2 of the treats daily.  Now he runs around like a puppy again!  And he used to run downstairs, hide and shake uncontrollably when it would storm or there were fireworks.  But now, when the storm starts rolling in, he will sit by one of us and lick his chops, asking for the oil to be rubbed on his gums because he knows how much it will calm him down! 

Thank you HEMPWORX!!!!!!! And THANK YOU SHERRI for helping us!

JoDi G.

As a mom, I have been looking for years for something that could help my kid.  She has been in pain since she was 2 1/2 (she's now 13).  Her pancreas has always been inflamed, causing lots of issues.  She's never had a "good day", her pain has made her depressed and it has been getting worse as she hits the teenage years.  She also had a hard time sleeping at night due to the pain.  Then Sherri asked if we had ever thought about trying cbd oil and I have to say, I was super worried.  I did not want my teenager on pot!  Sherri was perfect and helped me learn all the great things  that this can do and that no, my kid would not be on pot.  Within a week of taking the drops, I can see her smiling more and coming out of her shell.  She sleeps better at night.  She does not complain that "everything hurts" all the time now.  I don't think I have heard her say that in 2 months!  It has worked so well, we are now trying Hempworx cbd oils for my younger kids who are both ADHD.  I will keep you posted!!!

Breanne M.

My daughter and I have been using the 500mg HempWorx thc free daily for about a month. My daughter recently started 7th grade with some general anxiety and was inconsolable at the height of her attacks. We started counseling, and around the same time introduced cbd oil into her nightly routine. Her attacks are down significantly, she goes to sleep easily now, and the anxiety is subsiding. I have had sciatica for several years, I treat it with acupuncture and chiropractic visits, but wanted something affordable that could help long term. My sciatic flare ups are a thing of the past. As an added bonus, I now sleep better and toss and turn less overnight (because I’m not in pain anymore). We’re grateful to have found a solution that works! 

Margie S.

I will turn 70 in less than 2 months.  Taking care of children, from 3 months to school-age, has been my profession for nearly 50 years.  I am not ready to retire, but about 2 years ago, I was beginning to think I may have to.  I started to have aches and pains, all on my right side, shoulder, sciatica, neuropathy in my right thigh, knee, ankle and big toe!  A friend told me how much CBD oil helped her, but I was afraid to try something so foreign to me.  I did a lot of research, asked a lot a questions, decided I didn't want to start taking prescribed drugs for my maladies, so I jumped in with both feet, ordered the Hempworx oil, and even decided to become an affiliate.  I started with the 500mg, took 5 drops, morning & night, and never looked back.  Within the first week, my pain was all gone.  I now only take 5 drops at night & 1-2 drops in the morning, as it does make me a bit drowsy.  

Also, love the sprays.  With kiddos around everyday, I am exposed to a ton of germs.  Shield & Boost keep me healthy and energetic.  I am so thankful for this natural, organic miracle oil and nutritional sprays.

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