Frequently Asked Questions

Will I get high from using cbd oil?

NO! Federal standard limits for thc in a health supplement is 0.3%, and Hempworx contains 0.03%.  At 18% is when thc becomes psychoactive.

Why am I not seeing results from my cbd?

There can be MANY factors why you are not seeing results.  You may be taking too little, too much, not staying hydrated, not being consistent with taking it twice a day every day (not just "when needed"), and many more factors.  If you order from one of the affiliate on this website, we will work with you to try different things so you see results.  Not everyone's body is made up the same, they results will vary from person to person.

Will I pass a UA/drug test at work?

Our full spectrum oil DOES contain trace amounts of thc, so it is a 50/50 chance you will test positive on a drug test, depending on how sensitive the test is, as they vary.  Our broad spectrum does NOT contain thc, so those who are subjected to random drug tests are able to use the broad spectrum and pass the drug tests from work or pain management at the doctors office.  Those who work in the medical/government/law enforcement fields, or those with a CDL, will need to only purchase the broad spectrum oil.  It is best to check your company's policies before purchasing.

Will I see results immediately?

When taken sublingually (under the tongue), the cbd oil starts working immediately.  However, you may not actually see/feel results right away.  Some people see results right away while others may take a few months.  When you purchase from one of the affiliates on this website, you will be sent an email that helps direct you on how to start taking the cbd oil and what to watch for.

How can I purchase when cbd oil is not legal in my state?

Because of the purity and trace amounts of thc in Hempworx products, we are able to legally ship to all 50 states and many countries worldwide.  There are still some countries that we cannot ship certain products to at this time.  President Trump signed the 2018 Farm Bill, which took hemp off the controlled substance list, making cbd legal for personal consumption.  When a state says cbd is not legal, what they mean is that you cannot set up a store and sell out of the store, but you can order online and have it delivered directly to your house for personal consumption.

How do I know if my brand I bought is a quality brand?

If you bought your cbd oil at a convenience store, or any store really, make sure you are checking the brand online before you purchase it.  Their website should show you the Certificate of Analysis or 3rd party test results for each batch.  If they don't show it, or say you can only view those AFTER you make a purchase, that is a huge red flag!  It means that they do not care about the quality of their products or they have something to hide, like harsh chemicals/solvents, mold, that fact that their product may not have ANY cbd oil in it at all (YES, there are brands claiming cbd in the products but do not actually contain cbd!).  Hempworx is working to get cbd oils regulated through US Hemp Authority, to weed out the brands that aren't good.  You can google US Hemp Authority for a current list of the 32 brands that have the seal of approval.  What this seal means is that what is stated on the label for ingredients, is actually what is in the bottle, nothing more, nothing less.