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While MyDailyChoice/Hempworx sales are few and far between, the sales will be posted here when they ARE available!!  So keep checking back regularly to see if there's a new one yet!!!  Keep in mind that we will be rolling out NEW PRODUCTS the first part of October at our National Convention!  So definitely check back in then!!  And if you are going to be running low before the first part of October, be sure to get your order in ASAP (by the end of September for sure), as once the new products are released, the delivery of orders may take longer than usual because of the influx of orders!!  

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Hempworx Topicals Now Available in Europe

Global Expansion

Hempworx & MyDailyChoice are in the processing of opening the cbd market around the world!  Because there is certain criteria that must be met in different countries, this expansion takes time and a lot of legal work behind the scenes.  Some countries allow our full line of products, while other countries only are able to approve certain items because of their own regulations.  HW/MDC works closely with these countries to ensure that our products are there legally.  As more and more countries are added to our approved lists, you will be able to follow what is/isn't allowed in these countries by visiting this website.  We are currently putting together a list now and will hope to have it posted here sometime in October.

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