April Product Promo


You can be a brand new customer, a preferred customer, or an affiliate in order to play.  Your order must be placed between 4/1/19 and 4/30/19 to qualify.  A Director's pack is an option on the Shop page once you register.  Scroll past the Builder pack items to Director's Pack.  Click on the box and select 1 or 2 Director packs - 1 pack (4 products) = $199, 2 packs (8 products) = $398.  With an Executive pack, it comes with your choice of 12 products (a great idea if you have family and friends wanting to try it also, or you want to stock up!) = $599.  The Bath Box set is not available in the Director or Executive packs and must be purchased separately.

If you have one of the 5 color Easter eggs in your shipment when it arrives, YOU WON!!  Email to redeem your prize.  If you have questions, contact your affiliate that led you to this website, they are there to help you!  If you aren't sure how to contact them, call 833-467-9679 and Sherri will help you reach them.

Go to the Affiliate page to order:

Once on the Affiliate page, select the name/photo of the person who led you to this page.  Click on one of the websites under their to Register.  Don't forget to save your Username and Password for the next time you order!!


#2 April Promo


Hempworx & MyDailyChoice are relatively new, but have taken the world by storm!!  To help reach new customers, we are doing a promotion that involves sharing Facebook posts about us!  To play, reach out to the Affiliate who referred you to this website (you can go to the Affiliate page to see the names of the Affiliates associated with this website).  Go to their Facebook page (you are probably already friends with them on Facebook) and search for posts they have about Hempworx within the dates 4/10/19-4/30/19 and SHARE THEM so that your friends and family can learn more about this wonderful company and how it can help them as well!!  Once you share their posts, send them a PM that lets them know you shared their post and drop them your email, as it is needed to enter the promo.  That Affiliate will ensure it makes it into the entry by May 1st.  You get 1 entry for every post that is shared, but you can only share each post once.  GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!  What are YOU going to spend your $500 on?

Could YOU use an extra $500

No purchase necessary to win with this promo!

Just your time!!!