My Personal Hempworx Testimony


My name is Sherri Davis. I grew up in eastern Colorado in a little town called Vona.  I moved to the Denver metro area in the late 90’s. I’m a single mom of a 17 year old daughter and a 14 year old son. Please read my testimony of how I came to discover Hempworx cbd oil and how it helped me get completely rid of my level 10 discomfort that I endured for years.  (Due to the FTC, I cannot list medical terms, so please try to read between the lines!!)

In December of 2013, I was rear-ended in a car accident during a snow storm. I had damage from my c1-t9 of my spine. I was in constant excruciating discomfort, could not rotate my head and became extremely frustrated at it all. On my good days, it was a level 6, but on my bad days (which was most days), it easily got to be a level 10 of discomfort.  I never had a day that I was completely discomfort free.   I also had a throbbing head for the entire 4 1/2 years, that no medications helped with. On my visit to my TWENTY-FIRST doctor (yes, that's correct - 21!), he was able to finally diagnose what was wrong.  Dr. J is a chiropractor who specializes in car accident victims. Among the long list of problems the accident gave me, it had also rapidly set into motion the non-flexibility and cushion of my spine, something that I had beginning stages of but did not give me any discomfort yet.  Dr. J started me on several types of therapy - laser, adjustments, table inversion, and massage therapies, to name a few. After 6 months, I had about a 32% increase in my range of motion for my neck and my discomfort had slightly gotten better.  But, we knew I would never be 100% again. This was going to end up being a permanent disability.   I was going to have to live with this for the rest of my life, and I am only 47.  I had severe loss of feeling in both my arms, too, which limited me a lot. I could not use the phone or type on a computer for longer than 5 minutes without my arms going completely numb.  Driving made them numb. Holding a baby (even while sitting down) made them go numb. I was unable to pick a glass up to drink without using both my hands.  And washing and fixing my hair was a slow process, to keep my arms from falling asleep in the shower.  I’d have to give my arms and hands about 15 minutes in the morning to wake up, just so I could use the restroom. Sleep also eluded me due to the discomfort and loss of feeling in my arms and hands.  I’d wake up about every hour and be awake for several more. I was so sleep deprived, I could no longer dream in my sleep.  And then I started to slip into a dark spot and it was getting worse because I felt like there was no hope, that I'd be like this for the rest of my life.  I couldn't do this anymore!  And I didn't want to be a zombie from the prescribed medications!!!

I was introduced to HempWorx and started taking the oil sublingually, 5 drops under my tongue in the morning and evening.  After 1 month of taking it, I was DISCOMFORT FREE and THROBBING HEAD FREE!!!!!  My mother, who turned 71 this last December, takes it because she had shooting pain down her leg to the point she was nearly in tears every night. Since taking the cbd oil, she functions better than most 50 year olds I know!  AND she’s medicine free, only taking the oil.  My daughter, who is 17, takes it for her skin sensitivities and stomach problems. My son, 14, takes it for skin irritations (bumps on your skin). I also give the animal approved version to my dog, Coco, as he is 10. Coco was having trouble jumping into cars or up on the couch, and even slow just standing up after laying down for a bit. NOT ANYMORE! He’s like a puppy now, running all over, keeping up with our neighbor's 1 year old puppy! And last, but not least, I give it to my 2 year old cat, Ziggy Stardust, just because he doesn't want to be left out!! We would be a walking drama tv series without HempWorx! 

Without Hempworx cbd oil, I would have to live in constant excruciating discomfort or become addicted to pain killers (which honestly only took the edge off for me).  Since I’m not one to take drugs, I opted for the oil, which is 100% pure, natural and organic.  I now can garden, build sheds, clean out my gutters, work on my cars, do canning and baking, and do things I couldn’t before!  And our health sprays keep me going healthy all day long!!

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