3rd Party Testing/COA's


Why we test

At MyDailyChoice, we are passionate about providing our Affiliates and Customers products of exceptional purity, potency, and consistency. Our Founders, Josh & Jenna Zwagil brought HempWorx CBD products to market with a mission to become a brand that consumers could finally trust.

We test every batch of our CBD products multiple times from the farms to our bottlers so that we ensure a successful quality control program. We make all of our tests available on our website along with a 60-day empty bottle money back guarantee to give customers confidence in their purchases.

Our quality standards are one of the core reasons why we are an emerging leader in the CBD industry. 

How we test

In order to ensure transparency and product quality, we work with ISO 17025 (International Organization for Standardization) certified product testing facilities. Our certified labs are third-party labs and are independent of MyDailyChoice. ISO 17025 certification is the "gold standard" of analytical chemistry for accuracy, precision, and quality of analytical laboratory operation.

Our ISO 17025 certified third-party lab partners employ the latest testing equipment and analytical methods providing accurate and repeatable analyses for cannabinoids, terpenes, pesticides, heavy metals, and microbial contamination. We test both our raw materials and our finished goods. We will not sell a product that doesn’t pass testing on both levels.

Every finished Hempworx CBD product is analyzed by these "gold standard" laboratories to provide our customers with the assurance that every product is safe, effective, and what is on the label is what is in the product. 

What we test for

HempWorx CBD products are subject to the strictest quality standards for potency, purity, and safety. This cannot be done without having our samples analyzed by independent and third-party ISO 17025 certified laboratories. The ISO 17025 certification of our third-party laboratory partners shows that they share the same commitment to quality, safety and accuracy as we do.

Potency – Every product is tested for a cannabinoid and terpene profile. This provides our customers the assurance of knowing the exact amount of CBD and other cannabinoids they are ingesting.

As a result of our rigorous testing standards, our customers can be confident that all of our products whether broad spectrum or full spectrum have less than the federally legal 0.3% limit on total THC content.

Purity and Safety – Every product is rigorously tested for pesticides, heavy metals, and microbial contaminants. It is only through ensuring the highest purity of our products can we ensure the safety and well-being of our Customers.

We are committed to the quality of our products, so only products that pass our quality standards will ever reach our Customers, anything less is rejected. 

How to read COA's

At HempWorx, we use ISO 17025 analytical laboratory partners who offer the latest analytical instruments and protocols to provide accurate certificate of analysis (COA) on all products. This is a lab report on the ingredient make-up of a product. As a part of our quality control program, we require COAs on every product we sell.

COA’s are used to verify that the contents of the product is exactly what is on the label and advertised. These tests are especially important in verifying that THC content is less than 0.3%.

N/D or ND: Means None Detected. This simply means that the components tested are below the minimum detectable amount.

B/LOQ: Means Below the Limit of Quantification. This simply means that the there is not enough of the substance in the sample to accurately measure.

Cannabinoids Per Bottle: The Cannabinoid panel shows the amount of each cannabinoid as a percentage by weight and number of milligrams per gram.

Terpene Profile: The terpene profile analysis shows which terpenes were detected in the sample and relative amount of each by weight percentage. Terpenes are what give hemp products their unique flavors and aromas.

Variance: When looking at the Cannabinoid and CBD content per container of products, you may notice slightly more or less CBD than what’s on the label. This variance is due to the different instruments and testing methods that are being used. The acceptable market variance is +/-20% on standard cannabinoid analysis. While most brands accept this +/-20% variance, we go a step further at HempWorx. We only allow a maximum of a +/-5% variance on our tests to ensure that our Customers are always getting the right amount of CBD.

Heavy Metals Analysis: Our lab analyzes our CBD products for over 30 heavy metals using advanced methods, procedures, and using Inductively Coupled Plasma technology to help accurately identify and quantify heavy metal toxicity.

Pesticide Analysis: The Pesticide analysis performed can detect trace amounts of chemical pesticides in dried flowers and CBD concentrates. Using a High Performance Liquid Chromatography in tandem with Triple-Quadruple Mass Spectromotry (HPLC-MS/MS), we are able to identify and quantify trace pesticides.

Residual Solvent Analysis: The Residual Solvent Test identifies the presence of harmful solvents, impurities, and/or other added odorants and chemicals present in CBD products.

Microbial Analysis: Our lab uses a full range of reliable microbial testing using qPCR technology. It is important that CBD products are tested for microbials to ensure product safety.

HempWorx COAs will show a PASS next to heavy metals, pesticides, residual solvents, and microbials. 

Our Quality Control

Independent third-party testing of all of our finished products is just one aspect of our Commitment to Quality.

Our Quality Control process begins with a thorough vetting of every vendor to ensure that they share our same obsessive drive to provide quality products to their customers. We review all aspects of their quality control program, sourcing, formulations, and ingredient philosophies as part of our vendor approval program.

After strategic selection of our farms, vendors, and manufacturing partners, we inspect every lot of every product that we receive in our warehouse: Color, consistency, scent, flavor, and even the label is verified to meet our industry leading quality control standards. Our quality control program regularly monitors that our products are properly stored in our warehouse and that every order is filled correctly.

Lastly, we undergo periodic third-party audits of our quality control program allowing us to proudly display their validation seals 


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